Adventures in Underdark

Up till now

Players awake in the middle of a crater where the city of Dagger Falls used to be. After some discussion the players realize that the only survivors were people not of the city. They decide to explore the crater finding an entrance to a crypt. Within the crypt drow aligned to the goddess Kiaransalee (Lady of the Dead, the Revenancer, the Vengeful Banshee, the White Banshee; Symbol – drow female hand wearing silver rings) were researching an epic spell which seemed to have failed.

  • Drizzt is leader of a group Hapers who have taken it upon themselves to patrol Underdark keeping tabs on the races below Faerûn….
  • Players discover a broken magical portal with the crypts. They ask for some help from the Harpers who say its currently broken, however can be fixed using materials within in nearby mine which the Harpers had recently investigated and needed to retreat do to the overwelming presence on Duergar
  • Players investigate the mine, however two of their group die during the fighting and they retreat. Their second attempt is more fruitful and the obtain the materials needed to fix the portal.



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