All characters have all skills at a base rank of 1/2 character level plus ability modifier.

Each class is granted a number of trained skills listed in the table below. A trained skill grants a bonus of +5 to the chosen skill.

Class # of trained skills
Cleric Religion +3 from the below list
Druid Nature +3 from the below list
Fighter 4 from the below list
Barabarian Athletics +3 from below list
Paladin Religion +3 from the below list
Ranger Nature +3 from the below list
Rogue Stealth, Thievery +4 from the below list
Bard History, Streetwise +3 from the below list
Wizard Arcana +3 from list

Skills (3.5 skill equivilent in itallics)
*armor check penalty applies

Acrobatics* – DEX: (Balance, Escape Artist, Tumble) Use this skill to test your balance on narrow or unstable surfaces, to escape from a grab or from restraints, and (if you’re trained) to reduce your damage when you fall.

Arcana – INT: (Knowledge Arcane, Spellcraft) You have knowledge about magic and magical effects, and (if you’re trained) you know how to detect a persistent magical effect.

Athletics* – STR: (Climb, swim, jump) Use this skill to climb, swim, or jump.

Bluff – CHA: (Bluff) Use this skill to make what’s false appear to be true, fast-talk a guard, con a merchant, or tell lies.

Diplomacy – CHA: (Diplomacy) Use this skill to influence other with tact and social grace, change opinions, inspire good will, and to negotiate a deal in good faith.

Dungeoneering – WIS: (Knowledge Dungeoneering) You have knowledge about forging a path through a dungeon complex, recognizing dungeon hazards, and finding food in the Underdark.

Endurance – CON: Use this skill to stave off ill effects and to push beyond normal physical limits.

Heal – WIS: (Heal) Use this skill to administer first aid, stabilize ad dying character, grant a saving throw, or treat a disease.

History – INT: (Knowledge History) You have knowledge about history, including significant events, legends, customs, and traditions.

Insight – WIS: (Sense Motive) Use this skill to discern intent and decipher body language, making a best guess as to a target’s motives, attitudes, and truthfulness.

Intimidate -CHA: (Intimidate) Use this skill to influence others through hostile actions and overt threats.

Nature -INT: (Knowledge Nature) You have knowledge related to finding your way through the wilderness, recognizing natural hazards, and living off the land.

Perception – WIS: (Listen, Search, Spot) Use this skill to notice clues, spots imminent dangers, and location hidden objects.

Religion – INT: (Knowledge Religion) You have knowledge of religious traditions.

Stealth* – DEX: (Hide, Move Silently) Use this skill to hide and move silently.

Streetwise -CHA: You know how to get the lay of the land in an urban setting.

Thievery – DEX: (Disable Device, Open Lock, Slight of Hand) Use this skill to disable traps, open locks, pick pockets, and perform other slight of hand.


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